Trade Forex with low and fixed spreads

Our fixed spreads account allows trading with predetermined and steady spreads during volatile market hours with no sudden spikes, allowing traders to focus more on their strategies rather than the market. Download the MT4 platform and enjoy online trading with fast execution. IronFX offers competitive spreads for all levels of our accounts. Open an account with us according to your preferences and explore its unique spreads.

What are Forex Spreads?

Although a spread can have several meanings in the field of finance, they all refer to the difference between the buy price and the sell price of an instrument. It is important to state that the former will always be higher than the latter, while the underlying market price will be in the middle of these two prices.

While trading, you will either buy or sell the particular instrument you are trading, based on the assumption that the specific market price will rise or fall. Once a trade is placed and the price’s movement goes beyond the spread’s cost, the trade will be successful. In CFD trading, the spread is one of the key costs involved. The narrower the spread is the better value you will receive as a trader. Remember that there are risks to consider as well. For instance, some markets charge a commission or provide a combination of spread and commission.

• All spreads are indicative, to view real time values clients should refer to their client terminal.
• Zero Fixed Spreads on majors will be increased during Midnight session (11pm-2am, GMT+2) to 3 pips.
• Live Fixed Spreads during Midnight session (11pm-2am, GMT+2) will be changed to Live Floating spreads.