Connect your account to the ApoliEX AutoTrade platform and copy best traders’ strategies

Open an account with ApoliEX and gain access to the AutoTrade platform, a revolution in the online trading market. Take advantage of the reliability of highly respected forex leaders who will allow you to choose and copy their best performing and most profitable trades along with a wide range of their strategies.

‘Buy’ the strategy that performed best at a specific period of time and execute buy and sell orders automatically. Connect your account to the IronFX AutoTrade platform and enter one of the most comprehensive automatic trading offerings in the market. Have complete control over your trading experience with this innovating opportunity.

Both newbies and experienced traders can tap into hand-picked forex trading systems, follow successful techniques and diversify their trading portfolio, without any additional software needed.

Benefits of using the AutoTrade Platform

User-friendly, simple interface

This intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard is tailored to both novices’ and professional traders’ needs. Through the connection of a trader’s account with an expert’s account the reproduction of the latter’s trades into the former’s is enabled. The AutoTrade Platform allows traders to copy signals or mirror complete chosen strategies giving them, therefore, the opportunity to enjoy the experience and knowledge of other successful traders in a fast and secure way.


Benefits of using the AutoTrade Platform

Enriched, insightful reporting system

Detailed reports with full disclosure of profits, statistics, and risk data to ensure you are making informed trading decisions. Forex trading’s high learning curve as well as high liquidity requirements, make AutoTrade an attractive alternative of any other standard forex trading trend. Due to technological advancement, autotrading is expected to grow stronger in the future and further expand in other trading sectors as well.

How to start using the AutoTrade platform?

Visit the ApoliEX website, complete the online registration form by filling in all the necessary fields and then click on ‘Open your Trading Account’ to come closer to enjoying the benefits of our AutoTrade platform.

If you are already registered with us and you have an approved ApoliEX account, send an email to [email protected].

In this email, mention that you want to connect your account and start using AutoTrade.

Once you upload all the necessary documentation and your account is confirmed, login to the client portal, go to deposits, choose a payment method and proceed with funding your live trading account.

Move on to the final step by clicking here to link your IronFX live trading account, connect to the Autotrade platform and ensure your exclusive access to our AutoTrade solution.