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Trading Account Types
We recognise that each trader, being a unique individual, has different needs, goals, trading style preferences and appetite for risk. Therefore, to cater to the needs of almost any type of trader, we offer exclusive account types. Choose an account that suits your strategy. Get the most out of our 6 different account types, 3 Live and 3 STP/ECN with the lowest spreads and flexible leverage.
Account Spread Comparison
Trade some of the most liquid assets available and diversify your portfolio with competitive spreads starting as low as zero pips on chosen CFD pairs. Since the market is volatile, fixed spreads accounts allow trading with predetermined and steady spreads and with no sudden changes. Focus turns on the trader’s strategy and not on the market.
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Forex Trading Tools Widgets
Boost your trading experience by using our financial widgets perfectly suited to your needs. Enjoy the variety of trading calculators offered for your benefit. Enhance your trading experience with multiple power-tools such as currency converter, pip calculator, margin calculator as well as profit calculator.

What is a CFD?

A Contract For Difference, or CFD, is a form of derivatives trading that allows traders to speculate on the everchanging price movements of instruments and assets in the global markets.

CFDs are available on currencies, commodities, international indices, shares, futures and treasuries.


What is CFD Trading?

CFD trading, as opposed to regular trading, does not require the trader to physically buy or sell the asset or instrument they want to trade.
They instead enter buying or selling positions depending on whether they believe the price of the asset or instrument they are trading is going to go up or down.
For a buying position to be profitable, the price needs to move upwards. Similarly, for a selling position to be profitable, the price needs to move downwards.
If the price goes down for a buying position or up for a selling position, then losses occur.
CFDs are leveraged products, meaning that you can open a market position only by depositing a fraction of the full value of the trade. In CFD trading this is known as trading on margin. Trading on margin can enable you to maximise your profits but it can also maximise your losses.